Support for Multisample Comparisons

Most researchers use barcoded adaptors to pool DNA/RNA from multiple samples and sequence them in a single run (e.g. multiplexing 20 samples within one lane of an Illumina flow cell). We are working hard to increase support for multiplexed data within PhyloSift. Currently, the main client workflow (PhyloSift all mode as executed via the wrapper script) assumes that an input file contains sequence data from a single sample.

We have now prepared a guide to help users conduct multisample comparisons in PhyloSift:

Processing Multiplexed Samples in PhyloSift

Once raw data are demultiplexed and sequence data from individual samples are run through the PhyloSift workflow, the guppy software packages enables rapid taxonomic comparisons across multiple samples. Diversity analyses in guppy include: Principal Components Analysis (akin to PCA using UniFrac), Squash Clustering (akin to UPGMA clustering using UniFrac) and Kantorovich-Rubinstein distance (akin to weighed UniFrac).