New! Workflow Diagrams and Tutorials

We’ve been working hard to improve PhyloSift these past few months, and things are really starting to heat up! You’ll notice some heavy website updates to go accompany our expanded and streamlined code. The following links are permanently housed under Tutorials–>Running Phylosift

For biologists wanting to run their own environmental metagenome data through PhyloSift, we’re compiling a quickstart guide and step-by-step tutorial using test data:

Running Phylosift – An Overview

Metagenome Analysis Tutorial using PE-Illumina Data

PhyloSift also includes discrete workflows for users to incorporate their own marker genes, mine genome data, and generate simulation datasets. Visual diagrams explaining these PhyloSift features can be found here:

Building PhyloSift marker packages (The Monkey)

Generating simulated datasets (The Kangaroo)

Expanding PhyloSift marker databases with new genome data (UpdateDB)